Health And Safety Policy


KONAR ENERJİ, which provides installation, operation & maintenance services for solar power plants in the renewable energy sector aims to continually improve by providing the technical, financial and human resources required to create a safer and healthy working environment at every stage of service activities and to reduce the losses.

To achieve this purpose;

  • With the participation of all employees especially starting from the senior management, we maintain a system that eliminates hazards before happening, prevents the occurrence of occupational accidents and illnesses, initiates preventive treatment and establish to all organization.
  • During all installation and service activities we assess risks and take preventive actions.
  • In projecting process we assess the impact of new products, facilities and equipment in terms of occupational health and safety.
  • We comply with all legislation and administrative regulations relating to Occupational Health and Safety as a basic requirement to meet customer demands.
  • All materials used in installation, operation and maintenance are procured according to occupational health and safety criteria.
  • We attach importance to the training of employees, suppliers and contractors for the development of Occupational Health and Safety awareness.